Do you offer gluten, dairy, or sugar-free cakes?

At this time we offer gluten-free cakes upon request for an additional charge, however we do not offer dairy or sugar-free options. All of our cake flavors and most fillings can be made can be made gluten-free. Gluten-free cakes cannot be made as part of a tiered cake in order to avoid cross-contact when cutting and serving.

Do you have any desserts available for same-day purchase?

All of our desserts are made to order. On occasion we may have an extra cake or other items after assembling our custom orders. We always post our extras to our Instagram stories usually on Fridays or Saturdays.

Can you recreate a cake from a picture I send you?

We always encourage customers to send pictures that inspire them. These may be of other cakes, color swatches, dresses, flowers, nature, or anything sentimental that they would like to incorporate into their cake design. Our intention is to always create a new design while incorporating some of the elements they like, however, we will not directly replicate another cake designer's work. This is what makes your cake unique, and your own! Our best work is done when you trust to give us creative freedom.

What are your cake prices?

Our cake prices vary based on size and design. There have been many times where a multi-colored, detail-filled birthday cake required more work than a 4-tier wedding cake. Each size has a starting price point and will differ depending on the type of design you'd like. Delivery and setup fees (if necessary) also vary based on size, design, and location.

Are you able to design my wedding cake?

Yes! We can take any design ideas you have and reimagine them into something modern and elegant. We dedicate time to spend with our couples whether they are inquiring, or are already booked. We take time to gather the information we need in order to make sure no detail is left behind, and we also offer zoom or in-person consultations in order to get to know each other better. The design process can be as easy as a traditional white cake, or as grand as a towering 5 tier with intricate details. Whatever your style is, we are here to make the wedding cake process easy for you so that the only thing you'll have left to worry about is if there will be any extra slices to take home with you!

Can you provide a design sketch before we make a decision to book you?

Upon reviewing your inquiry, your email response will include a rough estimate based on information and ideas you've provided. Should you decide to book with us, your sketch will be sent to you after more details and specifications have been discussed through email or zoom consultation. Our work is done exclusively by original design, and for those reasons we cannot offer sketches before any booking confirmation.

Do you offer wedding cake tastings?

We can accommodate tastings to our booked couples 8 weeks or more prior to their wedding date based on our availability schedule. Unfortunately we do not operate at the capacity to offer tastings regularly. Tastings include 4 flavors of your choice for a fee of $50 plus delivery. Additional flavors are $10 each. At this time we do not offer in-person tastings as we are not a store front.

Do you offer dessert tables?

We offer pastries such as tartlettes, cupcakes, shortbread cookies, mini cakes, and macarons in addition to your cake of 3 tiers or less. We do not provide table linens or dessert stands for setup. See our 'dessert' page for more information.

How soon should we book our wedding cake?

We recommend booking as soon as you have a date, even if it's 10 months away. There are a couple reasons we like to book early. Firstly- we can assure that we have minimum to no other bookings the week of your date which allows us to have maximum time on your cake. Secondly - the process takes time and attention, and is not something we like to rush. Just like it's important to book your other vendors early, the same goes for the cake!

Do you offer budget-friendly cakes or foam tiers?

Our wedding cakes require the most time and attention, and while we understand that our cakes are at a higher price point, we ask that you have a more flexible budget set for the cake considering the amount of time that will be spent on it- from emails to sketches, prepping, baking and decorating. We prefer not to use foam tiers in our cakes unless necessary to build height, however the cost varies only slightly from real cake tiers. We do not offer fully decorated foam cakes, nor do we rent them. Should you be on a tight budget, we recommend thinking about a smaller sized tiered cake, and have the majority of your servings from our half sheet kitchen cakes which are a cost friendly option.

Do you make Groom's cakes?

At this time we do not offer groom's cakes as we like to put the time and focus on your main cake.

Do you deliver to other areas within Michigan?

At this time we serve the local Metro Detroit area. If you are interested in a custom cake for your event, we would be happy to refer you to other bakers we may know of in your area.

Can you use flowers from my florist to keep costs low?

In our experience we have preferred to source our own flowers from florists who we know and trust to give us the quality and variety we need. We purchase and prep florals days ahead of your event so that we can make sure they look their best on the day of. Ensuring that florals are food-safe is a huge concern, and we would never take a short-cut to risk putting anyone in harm just to give a lower price. We will contact your florist to see which types of flowers will be available for your event, however, it will be our decision if we choose to use their supply or not, and we will inform you if so. Likewise, we do not allow your florist or anyone else to place flowers on the cake for safety and structural reasons, as well as design specifications as outlined in your contract. More can be read about this in our terms and conditions.

What do you offer during Holidays?

Our main Holiday season is Ramadan, along with Thanksgiving through New Year where we offer items such as pies, cakes, cookie boxes, and chocolates. We usually do have extras on hand during this time since the demand is higher, however, our pre-ordered items are a priority. Be sure to follow along on our Instagram page to stay updated with order forms and available items. Since these seasons are extremely busy for us, we regret that we cannot accept any additional custom orders.