Life is too short to not eat dessert! All of our cakes, fillings, and buttercreams are made in house using fresh, natural ingredients. We love to layer on the flavors to make a cake that's decadent and unforgettable!

Cake Flavors

(Pair your choice of cake with 1 filling and 1 add-on below)

Vanilla Bean

Brown Sugar Vanilla


White Almond

Vanilla/Chocolate Marble

Funfetti (Birthday Cake)




Carrot Spice

Cinnamon Swirl

Red Velvet

Earl Grey

Raspberry Marble* (choose vanilla, brown sugar, white almond, coconut, lemon, pistachio)

Olive Oil (Plain, lemon, orange)



Seasonal Special 

Classic Fillings 

Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Flavored Buttercream (brown sugar, espresso, lemon, coconut, almond, raspberry, strawberry, lavender, honey, rose, orange, caramel)

Cream Cheese Buttercream (plain, lemon, honey, lavender, almond, or coconut)

Chocolate Buttercream (milk, dark, or white)

Chantilly Cream (Sweetened whipped cream)

Coconut Cream

Cookies & Cream

Espresso Cream

Lemon Cream

Rosewater Cream

Berry Mousse (smooth filling - raspberry, strawberry, or mixed berry)

Chocolate Mousse

White Chocolate Mousse

Biscoff Mousse

Nutella Mousse

Peanut Butter Mousse


Vanilla Custard

Chocolate Custard

Seasonal Special 

Filling Add-Ons

Blackberry Compote

Blueberry Compote

Cherry Compote

Raspberry Compote

Strawberry Compote

Mixed Berry Compote

Brown Sugar Pineapple


Ganache (chocolate or white chocolate)

Candied Nuts 

Signature Fillings 

(Pair with your choice of cake)

Banana Brulee (banana custard, caramel)

Berries & Cream (vanilla custard, mixed berry compote, and whipped cream)

Boston Cream (custard & chocolate ganache)

Buttercream & Jam (apricot, blueberry, raspberry, or strawberry)

Black Forest (chocolate ganache, chantilly cream & cherry compote)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (chocolate buttercream and peanut butter mousse)

Triple Chocolate (dark, milk, and white chocolate mousse)

German Chocolate (pecans, coconut, caramel & chocolate buttercream)

Mascarpone Cheese & Jam (apricot, blueberry, cherry, fig, raspberry, or strawberry)

Salted Caramel Chocolate (salted caramel, chocolate ganache & vanilla buttercream)

Middle Eastern Flavors

Ashta (vanilla orange cake, rosewater cream filling, pistachio & coconut)

Turkish Tiramisu (cardamom cake, turkish coffee soak & mascarpone cream)

Chocolate Halawa (chocolate cake & sweet tahini mousse filling)

Sweet Semolina (yellow semolina cake, sweet tahini mousse filling, & caramelized pine nuts)

Fig Olive Oil (Olive oil vanilla cake, mascarpone cheese & fig jam filling)

Pistachio Apricot (pistachio cake, ricotta cream, apricot filling)

Saffron Cardamom (pistachio cardamom cake, saffron custard)